Maccay Duff LLP

We are excited to present the new corporate location for McCay Duff LLP, situated in the vibrant and redeveloped Lansdowne Park at TD Place in Ottawa.

Our team aimed to create an inviting and fun atmosphere that would reflect the local surroundings, providing a space that would welcome employees back to the office with ease. We accomplished this by offering hotelling workstations, enabling employees to book a workstation that would serve their needs for the day.

At Parallel 45 Design Group, we understand the significance of creating a unique, yet timeless design that contributes to the building’s LEED Gold standard. We achieved this by incorporating reclaimed wood, LED lighting, and conscientious specifications.

The office’s location inspired us to incorporate subtle nods to the urban environment, which we achieved through the use of oversized wall graphics showcasing local photography and a light industrial vibe, offering a modern twist on a traditional office environment.

We are proud to have transformed McCay Duff LLP’s new corporate location into an attractive and functional workspace.

Scope: Preliminary Planning, Concept Development, Construction Documentation, Construction Administration, Furniture Selection and Procurement