Sicotte Guilbault

Sicotte Guilbault, an Ottawa-based law firm, was thrilled to have Parallel 45 Design Group create a space that truly embodies their values. The goal was to design an office that is not only welcoming to clients, but also comfortable and efficient for employees.

Natural light played a crucial role in its interior design, as it not only improves the overall ambiance, but also promotes productivity and well-being. To achieve this, we incorporated various elements such as large windows and sidelights, strategically placed to maximize the amount of natural light in the space.

The office was designed with a hybrid model in mind, featuring numerous collaborative areas for the teams to connect and work together effectively. The result is a dynamic and fun atmosphere, without compromising on professionalism.

The renovation coincided with Sicotte Guilbault’s new brand, which was cleverly integrated into the office space through the use of colour and style. The final result is a space that truly reflects the law firm’s values, while also showcasing the innovative and modern approach of their corporate culture.

Scope: Planning, Concept Development, Construction and Permit Documentation, Construction Administration, Furniture Selection and Procurement