April 24, 2014 Posted by Sarah Oakley

The Client’s Vision

Our Client, Assent Compliance had a vision. They wanted to create a modern, open and collaborative environment for their staff. They wanted them to enjoy working and playing within the space and obtained our assistance to pull it all together and co-ordinate the trades.

With their amazing graphic designer, Brytani Mendoza, they created mural walls inspired by Banksy street art to create interest and elevate the space graphically. Mural Magic brought the vision to life, practically overnight—not kidding!

Assent-1 Assent-3 copy

Bringing electrical down to the open desk concept was a challenge—Assent owner, Rob Imbeault, had faith that it could be done and Lamarche Electric delivered! They used pulley extension cords to get power to the desks from a two storey ceiling height; Lamarche Electric’s owner, Shawn Lamarche’s bright idea. It worked perfectly with the modern/industrial environment.  We also used multiple Victorian light bulbs hung from mono-point cords and at varying levels to create a neat feature in “The Nook”; a collaborative think-tank area. It was located over an amazing custom table made by Exotic Wood Ottawa (Alex Alexandrov).

Because time and budget was a factor in getting this 6,000 square foot space complete we used “op stock” and end-of-run flooring from Tandus/Centiva (wood vinyl plank and carpet tile). Adelphia Flooring installed the floor in the space within one week.  Alex’s crew of painters were amazing to get the job started within 12 hours of approval and finished within 1 week.  Also, special thanks to JP Gravel Construction for installing glass walls in record time and helping with some do-it-yourself furniture installation.

Being brought onto a project in the role of the Interior Designer does not mean a space is all your ideas with carte blanche. In this case helping a client bring their ideas to life and pulling the space together through colour and accessories was an amazing experience.  In turn, working parallel with our Clients to bring an amazing end-product to fruition.

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